Fundraisers and COVID

COVID has created challenges for fundraisers. Parents are not allowed inside schools. Hot lunches are cancelled due to the need for parent volunteers. Food handling is a no no. We have heard that some school administrators have cancelled all food related fundraisers due to COVID.

Rest assured that all of the products sold by Samosa fundraisers are pre-packaged and sealed. Our samosas come frozen and packaged from the supplier. There is no food handling as described in the health regulations.

Also, even before COVID, most of our fundraiser product pickups happened outside of schools.  For example, Brooksbank School in N Van this past June created a pick-up line in the school parking lot putting the various products in the back of 3 or 4 vehicles where parents collected their orders. Ingenious!

How about offsite delivery or weekend delivery? We can do that!

Let’s get innovative and safely continue fundraising efforts!

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