Chai Spice Mix with Indian Tea Bags – 36+ Servings – Amazing Gift!

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Chai Spice Mix with Indian Tea Bags – 36 Servings (min) –  Incredible Gift – comes in a mesh gift bag!

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Our Authentic Chai Masala and Tea India Tea Bags Combo will supercharge your mornings. In India the morning chai is a ritual that is timeless. As a child, I remember helping my mother grind the spices that make up this aromatic and healthy mix. We offer you an exclusive opportunity to experience this masterfully crafted chai spice mix. This product is not sold in any store as it is exclusive to the Samosa Fundraisers! From mom’s kitchen to you!

Ingredients: Black pepper, cinnamon, cardamon, ginger powder, peppermaul, nutmeg *note that this masala is made with care but in a facility that contains nuts, eggs, soy and other allergens

Health Benefits:


Making a Authentic Cup of Chai Video:

3 reviews for Chai Spice Mix with Indian Tea Bags – 36+ Servings – Amazing Gift!

  1. Elaine (verified owner)

    Oh my gosh! Followed the instructions in the video and had a fantastic rich cup of chai! So soothing and fragrant. I’ll never even consider having a Starbucks chai latte again..

    • admin

      Thanks! This is a family recipe that goes back generations. We are really proud of it!

  2. Michele (verified owner)

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Actually that doesn’t even come close – it is out of this world exceptionally amazing! Smooth and flavourful with all the fabulous ingredients. Coming from a British background that is saying a lot. Thank you for selling this amazing tea, can’t get enough of it!

    • admin

      Thx Michelle! We have this every morning and most afternoons at our place. In fact, I’ve been drinking this chai for as long as i can remember! We can’t start the day without it!

  3. Jayshree

    The chai spice mix is authentic and just the way it was made back home.
    If you like your tea with a hint of spice and richness then this mix is the just the right blend.

    • admin

      Thanks very much!

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