LED Safety Arm or Leg Bands – Rechargeable – 2 Pack


Rechargeable Bright LED arm/leg bands in a 2 Pack. Green or Blue.


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Why is Samosa Fundraisers selling LED Arm/Leg Safety Bands?

Simple. We love to walk in our neighbourhood and we’ve had to many close calls with cars not seeing us. Since these help us so much, we wanted to offer them in our fundraisers.

We have these in 2 colours – bright blue and bright green. They take about an hour to charge and provide 2-3 hours of bright LED light on the “always on” mode and an a couple of hours more when used on the flashing/pulse modes. USB charging cable included.

They have some protection against water penetration into the electronics but definitely avoid extended exposure to our west coast rainstorms.

A Velcro fastener allows the length to be adjusted from about 11 to 13 inches. For men wearing coats, think forearms vs biceps.


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Blue, Green


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