Smoking Saucer Kit – Unique Father’s Day Gift!


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Trying to find a gift for someone who has it all? Do they enjoy cocktails and entertaining? We’ve got you!

The Smoking Saucer Set allows you to add smoke effortlessly to your cocktails at home using our Smoking Saucer and our Signature Alcohol Infused Wood Chips (Cognac Cherry, Rum & Maple, Bourbon Oak).

Simply place your Smoking Saucer on top of your delicious cocktail and pack the top bowl with one of our three signature alcohol-infused wood chips.

Next, light it with a torch for up to 30 seconds. Watch as your smoke slowly pillows downwards, infusing every sip with an amazing, unique aroma.

Why Add Smoke? Smoking can influence the flavour, aroma, and appearance of any cocktail, elevating a simple drink to something extraordinary! Flavour is not merely your taste buds working in overdrive, but instead, it’s a team-up of aroma, texture and taste sensations, all working together to create something delicious. By adding a smoky dimension, you are adding to the aroma of the drink, which in turn pumps up the flavour and adds depth and complexity to an otherwise ordinary cocktail.

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