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Looking to raise funds for your school, a team trip or maybe new equipment? Have you been frustrated by past fundraisers where your group spends a great deal of time and effort but the returns don’t match? We are family owned and are here to help.

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The Samosa Fundraiser Company (yes, we do sell samosas) helps schools, sports teams, community programs, churches, and other organizations in the Greater Vancouver area raise funds. We make fundraising easier, raising more money more efficiently. Our fundraising platform offers exclusive, premium products people actually want. Because our products are of the highest quality and have substantial value for customers, they are easy to sell. Our fundraisers are typically some of the highest grossing. In fact, our aim is to provide consistently high profit margins for fundraisers. Our commitment is to work closely with you to ensure success! For example, unlike any other fundraiser, on delivery day our staff will be on site helping your volunteers!

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“Super successful fundraiser! And delicious samosas too!” Tina, St. Catherine’s Preschool

“Just finished a school fundraiser with the company. Everything went Smoothly from start to finish… They were very efficient, organised and very helpful…Would highly recommend them.. We plan on doing another fundraiser in the Spring.” Danielle, Argyle Music Association

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