The Samosa Fundraising Company (yes, we do sell samosas) helps schools, sports teams, community programs, churches, and other organizations in the Greater Vancouver area raise funds. We make fundraising easier, raising more money more efficiently. Our fundraising platform offers exclusive, premium products people actually want. Because our products are of the highest quality and have substantial value for customers, they are easy to sell. Our fundraisers are typically some of the highest grossing. In fact, our aim is to provide consistently high profit margins for fundraisers. Our commitment is to work closely with you to ensure success!

Our story

Our roots run deep and throughout our community. Samosa Fundraisers was born  to meet a distinct need – to help Argyle School girl’s soccer team reach Hawaii and compete in the 2017 Hawaii/Canada Friendship Tournament. The traveling team consisted of over 30 players, coaches and chaperones with total expenditures north of $100,000! A truly a massive endeavour. The girls, including my daughter Ria, carried-out numerous fundraising activities including bottle drives, a pub night, coaching, and an Easter egg hunt in order to raise money for their end goal. We knew more was needed so our family sourced samosas and chutneys which were then sold by the girls and their families. Samosa sales raised over $11,000 in profit for the girls – easily the team’s largest source of raised funds. Of course, the product reviews were amazing too! And yes, the team won the tournament – the first time in 20+ years a Canadian team had taken home the winning trophy!

Building on the reviews and success, we formed a company to help more groups in our community achieve their goals.  We painstakingly source the best products – we only sell what we would buy and use ourselves! The Samosa Fundraising Company is here to help – we offer fantastic products and an easy to use platform to groups to make fundraising more efficient and profitable.

In our first two fundraising seasons we sold over 50,000 samosas to rave reviews! Some of our customers include Elementary Schools like Ross Road, Brooksbank, and Boundary; Secondary Schools like Argyle and Hugh MacDonald; Preschools like St Catherine’s and Highlands; sports teams like the West Vancouver Rangers Soccer Team and North Vancouver Stars’ Fast Pitch teams; and community gorups like the DEEN Youth Project.


We are proud to be able help schools, teams and groups achieve their goals. Additionally, we now sell direct to the public with part proceeds donated to local charities. Currently we are supporting the Lion’s Gate Hospital Foundation:  LGH Foundation.


We are the relied upon and trusted group fundraising company


Help schools, teams and charities achieve their fundraising goals


We will serve our community with excellent customer service and intergrity

Samosa Fundraising

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