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We make fundraising easier, raising more money more efficiently. Our fundraising platform offers exclusive, premium products people actually want. Because our products are of the highest quality and have substantial value for customers, they are easy to sell. Our fundraisers are typically some of the highest grossing. In fact, our aim is to provide consistently high profit margins for fundraisers.

Easy Steps
  1. Contact Us
  2. Select start, end and delivery dates
  3. Invite potential customers to support your fundraiser by emailing them the link to your samosa fundraiser
  4. Continue your marketing with more emails, social posts, flyers…
  5. Take delivery of samosas and get paid!
  6. Book your next Samosa Fundraiser 🙂

COVID and Samosa Fundraisers

It certainly has been a challenging year for fundraisers! Many schools are limiting the use of their properties for these programs in one way or another.

Samosa Fundraisers will work with you to find a solution to make delivery/pickup day smooth. Remember it only takes 1-2 hours on pickup day and we will help as much or as little as you need! Here are some examples how we have worked with various schools throughout Metro Vancouver over the past few months:

  • Brooksbank Elementary (N Van): Parking lot pickup
  • Upper Lynn Elementary (N Van): Sidewalk collection
  • Norquay (Van) and Ridgeway Elementary (N Van)Schools: Covered area pickup
  • Boundary Elementary (N Van): PAC Member Driveway pickup
  • Hugh McMaster (Richmond) and St Catherine’s (N Van): Gym pickup
  • Sperling Elementary (Burnaby) – Laneway drive-thru pickup

Let’s work together to raise funds for your important cause! 

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