Q – Are all the products frozen?

A – The samosas, cordon blues, butterfly shrimp, chicken strips, and mussels are all frozen. Butter Chicken sauce, rice, mango chutney, and chai masala are shelf stable.

Q – Are the samosas cooked?

A – Samosas are fully cooked, cooled and then frozen.

Q – How big are the samosas?

A – Most of our locally handmade samosas range between 60 – 65 grams. 2-3 with a small side would be an adult meal. Keep in mind that they are made by hand and sizes will vary a bit.


15 Pack Chicken Samosas

Q – How do I reheat the samosas?

A – Pre-heat oven to 400F. Lay samosas out on a cookie sheet and place on the middle rack for 20-30min turning them once after about 15min. To speed up the re-heating process, start the samosas in the microwave until mostly thawed and then finish in the oven or BBQ using indirect heat at 400F until crispy (10-15min). Try an air fryer – about 15 min at 370F.

Q – Is there a delivery fee?

A – Delivery is free for all North Vancouver fundraisers. There is no fee for Burnaby, Richmond, and Vancouver fundraisers provided there are $750 in sales otherwise there is a $75 charge. We deliver to other areas but with a $75 delivery fee is sales are below $1000. Remember that our service area is Langley to Squamish. For areas accessed by ferry, you would meet us on the Mainland side and pickup the products.

Q – Is there a minimum order needed for a fundraiser?

A – Minimum order is $750 in gross sales under which there is a $75 charge. (Don’t worry – most of our fundraisers do many multiples of that 🙂 and you may pickup from us in North Vancouver to avoid the fee.)

Q – What does a typical delivery day look like?

A – The most common pickup time for parents is between 2:30 and 4pm on a school day. We would deliver to the school at about 2pm. During COVID, the best practice has been to have 3 or 4 volunteers with minivans setup in a parking lot in way that maintains social distancing and forms a pickup line. Each van would hold one to several products. A customer would present themselves, their order form would be retrieved, they would proceed to each station to collect their order, and the control sheet would be checked-off. Takes less than 1 min per customer.

Q – How are the samosas packaged?

A – Samosas come fully cooked and frozen in a sealed plastic bags. The bags are labeled with ingredients and heating instructions.

Q – You are a samosa fundraising company, why do you sell  items other than samosas?

A – We offer more than just samosas so those with differing tastes can take part in our fundraisers.

Q – How much time is needed to run a Samosa Fundraiser?

A – From start to finish a fundraiser takes about 4-5weeks. Generally, 2.5 weeks to take orders and 2 weeks to prepare the order.

Q – What kind of reports do you provide to track sales?

A – We provide a weekly summary showing totals. After sales have closed, we will send a comprehensive reports showing all the details of each order. On delivery day a control sheet will be brought to the site and email to your coordinator days earlier.

Q – Should we wait for the New Year to run our Samosa Fundraiser?

A – We are happy to run a fundraiser whenever you like. Just secure your delivery date early to ensure availability. Also note that running a fundraiser in the fall leaves you the option to run another one in the spring. Samosas are really handy during the holiday season. We also have products that are great xmas gifts and are exclusive to our fundraisers like our Chai Masala Combo and our own Indian recipe book that comes with specially curated spices.

Q – How do customers pay for their orders?

A – All orders are taken through our website where customers can pay using credit cards or Interac e-Transfer.

Q – How do potential supporters of the fundraiser buy products?

A – We will supply you with a “fundraising link” that you can send to all your potential supporters.  This is a link to the our website where we will track your fundraiser. This link can also be sent by those supporters to others. Remember that all products need to be collected on delivery day.

Q – Do you preassemble the orders before delivering?

A – Orders are not preassembled. The vast majority orders are very easily built by your volunteers on the spot. This is done for 2 main reasons:

  1. Keeping the frozen goods together, ensures that those goods stay as cold as possible for as long as possible.
  2. Most orders are 2-3 items – it’s very easy to assemble these quanities when the customer arrives. For the larger orders, 5+ items, we recommend assembling those in boxes as those boxes become available.

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