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2021/22 Fundraiser Update

We had an incredible fundraising year last season helping many schools, teams and groups on the North Shore, Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby. Additionally, $684.11 was raised for the LGH Foundation to support their upcoming MRI campaign!

We take pride in what we do and feel privileged to be able to support so many youth and groups in our community. Our commitment is to provide incredible customer service, fantastic products, easy-to-run fundraisers, and excellent returns!

As you know and have experienced, costs for basically everything have increased over the past year. We are committed to maintaining our product pricing at last seasons’ levels but will need to adjust our profit payout to 25%.

We are proud to offer:

  • the best customer service with guaranteed responses within 24 hours
  • industry leading profit payouts
  • profit payment guaranteed on delivery day
  • products people love
  • timely and easy to use tracking reports and summaries during and after the fundraiser

Please use our convenient booking calendar to book your next fundraiser.

Thank you!

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Supporting Our Community!

LGH Foundation

Our goal is to help schools, teams, groups, and charities in our community. Over the past year Samosa Fundraisers raised $684.11 through your generous support of both our company and the LGH Foundation. We received the letter below indicating that the funds will go to the upcoming MRI Campaign. As our family has needed MRIs in the past, we are thrilled to be able to support this initiative!

Given your feedback and support, we’ll continue to support this worthy cause.

Thanks for your support!

Samosa Fundraiser Team

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Top 3 Fundraising Tips

As a fundraising manager, you have an important and difficult job. You and your PAC, class, team or organization have the responsibility to bring in funds to support what is often an exceedingly long lists of needs. Often the most challenging part is you need to do all this in your spare time! 

After working with many fundraising managers like you, we have compiled the top 3 tips to make your life easier and to generate the most money for your cause:

  • When looking for your next fundraiser, find one that has products that people actually want. The products would be ones they would buy anyways or products that replace or pair with ones they would buy. These types of products make the buying decision easier and will help you raise more money.
  • Look for a fundraising partner that has fully-capable fundraising platform. The platform should be online, built out to take credit cards and/or e-transfers, and the partner should be able to provide you with reports showing the fundraisers progress. Also,  get a commitment as to when you will get the proceeds of your fundraiser.
  • Most importantly, the fundraising company needs to be responsive to your questions and needs. Expect same day or next day responses to questions. Expect the company to give you a plan for how the fundraiser will work from launch to delivery and all points in between. The company should treat you as a partner.

Of course, Samosa Fundraisers checks all the boxes above. Contact us to get started! 


“Hello and Wow!

Thanks so much for all the information to assist us in making sure our fundraiser is a success. I think you should consult other businesses on how to better organize and operate school fundraisers. You guys rock!

Super excited to see the results!


Tanya, Argyle PAC” March 2021


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Fundraisers and COVID

COVID has created challenges for fundraisers. Parents are not allowed inside schools. Hot lunches are cancelled due to the need for parent volunteers. Food handling is a no no. We have heard that some school administrators have cancelled all food related fundraisers due to COVID.

Rest assured that all of the products sold by Samosa fundraisers are pre-packaged and sealed. Our samosas come frozen and packaged from the supplier. There is no food handling as described in the health regulations.

Also, even before COVID, most of our fundraiser product pickups happened outside of schools.  For example, Brooksbank School in N Van this past June created a pick-up line in the school parking lot putting the various products in the back of 3 or 4 vehicles where parents collected their orders. Ingenious!

How about offsite delivery or weekend delivery? We can do that!

Let's get innovative and safely continue fundraising efforts!