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Premium Quinoa Burger Patties. So Satisfying. 95 g each. 6 pack. Frozen

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Thick 95g patty with 9 grams of protein and only 200 calories!  Incredibly filling and packed with flavour mild spice, Vegan. These burger patties work well either on their own for those that are avoiding too much bread or as the showpiece in a burger with all the fixin’s! Here’s an idea that we love: Brioche bun, Premium Quinoa Burger, cheese of your liking, 3 or 4 flattened Yam Pakoras, mayo or Mango Chutney, tomato, pickle or pickled jalapenos, and lettuce.

  • 100% Traceable Ingredients

  • Gluten Free

  • Handcrafted in the Lower Mainland

  • Non-GMO Certified

  • Vegan


  1. Microwave until thawed and finish in frying pan.

  2. Bake for 12 to 15 min at 400F, turning once mid-way through cooking  or air fry at 380F for 6-8 min

Ingredients: Organic Quinoa, Black Lentils, Chickpeas, Fresh Yam, Gram Flour, Fresh Onions,
Fresh Potatoes, Carrots, Fresh Zucchini, Fresh Ginger, Sea Salt, Herbs and Spices, Non-GMO
Expeller pressed Canola Oil.

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  • Rick
    September 10, 2022
    9:36 am 0Likes

    An excellent burger! I would never buy a quinoa or veggie burger but when my wife whipped these up the other night I was very pleasantly surprised. They have a great texture, not dry and have a flavour or seasoning that makes you keep wanting another bite. My wife said she hasn’t found anything of this quality on the market.

  • Dana
    October 31, 2022
    10:32 am 0Likes

    Yum! Not the ordinary grocery item but they went over well with the 14&10yo that are reluctant to have quinoa added to rice! We opt’d out of sausage for our breakfast sandwiches and sub’d in these burgers. Fantastic!! Thank you!

    • admin
      November 6, 2022
      9:34 am 0Likes

      We love these too! Thanks for your endorsement! Samosa Fundraisers

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